Moving Wrap up

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Well, we’ve just passed on month in the new house, and thing are starting to seem homey. We’ve had to add some significant infrastructure for the basement in the form of four shelving units, and we need to get one more to finish the job. The living room is still full of broken down boxes, but those should be gone soon, either through Craig’s List or to recycling. We’ve hung about 85% of the art and such on the walls, we’ve hung the yard tools in the garage, and the office is pretty much is order (which means the desks are already full of junk).

Movemasters (our mover) was really quite good. The only real casualty was a glass table cover that was the width of tissue paper, which they gladly replaced. There were some issues with the waterbed mattress, but we really should’ve researched that more completely ourselves, and the issue might have been avoided. Their price was quite good, and the three guys that moved our stuff worked very hard and were very conscientious. And a shout out to my original movers and packers, Priority Moving and Wheton Van Lines, who did a great job. After having unwrapped everything that’s not a book, we found only one broken thing (a thing that was thrown in at the last minute and could’ve been broken before it was packed). Considering the number of plates, cups, mugs, glasses, and crystal that they packed (into the hundreds, at least), I think that’s a great track record.

Mr. Electric of Boulder came out and put in several new lines (one phone, one cable), added an electric outlet, installed a driveway light and replaced a phone jack. It’s the second time they’re worked for us and both times they’ve been great. We are going to need some more work in the basement and I won’t hesitate to call them again.

John Brown of Busy Bee Locksmiths was great. He installed deadbolts for use and when the front door started to stick after a couple of weeks, he came back the same day and fixed the problem.

And where did I find these folks – Angie’s List. I’ve had good luck with business that I have chosen from their list, and many businesses have offered a discount to Angie’s list customers. At $12 a year, it’s been a good value.

Also, we’ve found that the Lowe’s near us is the “unhelpful Lowe’s,” so when it matters, we go to the farther away, but “Helpful Lowe’s.” The local Home Depot is fine and the Ace hardware isn’t bad either. The local Safeway is empty and feels like it is dying, but the King Soopers is great, almost as good as the Safeway in Boulder. The neighbors are mostly quiet, but have kept to themselves so far. And living across from Ryan Elementary hasn’t been any kind issue.


Entering the final stretch…

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So, the loan was approved yesterday and we in the final stretch of packing. Stan has disassembled his desk for trashing, and I have packed about 80% of the stuff in the kitchen. We have two days over the weekend to finish up; I think we’ll be fine. I’ll do a final touch up to the cleaning, so the place is clean for the new owner. (We’re going to celebrate and mock the Oscars with pizza and beer, since the kitchen will be packed by then.) The closings for both places are Monday, 9:30am for the Condo and 11am for the house in Westminster. We are planning a trip or two to the new place in the afternoon/evening to move art and electronics.

Tuesday is moving day and should be all kinds of crazy. Condo move starts at 8:30am, followed by trip to storage and then off to the new place. I’ll be very happy if we are done by 5pm, and can put our feet up by then. Wednesday the carpenters come to replace the carpet at the condo, and we will be there if the new owner wants or he can supervise if he chooses. (We hear that he choose a maroon color – seems a bit much, but whatever.)

If all goes according to plan, Stan will go back to work on the 1st and I’ll start plowing through boxes of stuff. It ought to be fun to see how much of my own stuff I’ve forgotten about. Here are a few photos of the house from our visit for the Radon mitigation installation.

The kitchen – closed door is the pantry.

The Dinning Room into the Living Room. The Window is at the front of the house.

The Family Room is on the west side of the house. It’s a large space just off the kitchen.

More to come as I have photos.


Moving Again

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So we’re less than three weeks until we move. The inspection was fine and the seller has agreed to fix the things we wanted. There are a few things that will have to be watched after we move in (like the water heater and furnace), but they’re working now. We’ve started talking about what furniture goes where, and what we may need to buy.

I’ve started the changes for the utilities and other regular services. We’ve chosen a mover. And we’ve been boxing things up (and throwing away a few things as well). So far things are going along quite swimmingly, but I’m not resting on those laurels.

I’ve found out that my lovely husband has quite a collection of miniatures (more of a nerd than I thought). But he hasn’t seen my Christmas decorations yet, so I think we’re even. And he did agree to give up the gorilla mask (do all guys have one of those at some time in their lives?).

The state of packing (with a few boxes in the bed room).


Moving Part II

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So, no actual moving has begun, but the papers have been signed to put the Condo on the market. We have replaced the blinds, cleaned the carpet, decluttered the space to the tune of 8-10 boxes of stuff, replaced the broken glass on the fireplace enclosure, borrowd some lovely outdoor furniture for the balcony space, and cleaned the hell out of everything. We’ll see how things go once prospective buyers put their feet through the door.

Once we have the Condo under contract, then we get to make an offer on a place for us. We’ve seen quite a few, and have seen some we would likely make a offer on if they were still available. We will see how things go.


Frozen Water

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Yes, it’s snowing. And this is what it looks like. The roads are still clear and it’s above freezing, so travel is still not too big an issue. It is supposed to be cold overnight, so ice may be an issue until the sun is up a while tomorrow.



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Yes, that’s my desk and computer complete with banzai (thanks Mark and Alita). And that light through the window- that’s the sun, which is shining even though it’s supposed to be snowing. And yes it’s cold, if you call 43 degrees and sunny cold.

UPDATE: The snow started about 20 minutes after I took the photo – we’re supposed to get an inch or so.


Moving Update

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We have moved most of the stuff that I’m going to need for the foreseeable future in to Stan’s condo including my computer table, which is why I’m now able to make new entries. I have a new phone – not a moving expense that I was expecting – but otherwise things are moving along well. It’s going to take a few days to put everything in a place that will work, but we’ve had our first trip to Target and we’ve done some laundry, so we have been domestic. I think there are plans for a movie tonight, and a trip to storage tomorrow to get Chip his bookcase and to get my actual desk chair. Then Stan gets to be free of the moving stuff by going to work on Monday – lucky him.

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New Normal

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So I made it to Boulder with no real issues, and the movers got everything into storage. Things were going very well, until I realized I couldn’t find my phone. And it doesn’t pick up when I call. And I didn’t have ‘Find My iPhone’ activated (yes, dolt slap). So there are no photos of my own of this event, so I’ll link to BD’s since that’s what I have.


So today I made the first major decision about moving – I choose a moving company. I got three estimates, and looked through all the paperwork they gave me, and tried to compare all the apples and oranges. Which was note made particularly easy by the fact that each company has a slightly different estimate sheet. But after all that I choose to go with – Priority Moving (and Wheaton) who had a reasonable price (not the cheapest, but the one that most closely listened to what I wanted) and good reviews of Angie’s List as well as other places. We’ll see if they live up to their rep (and I’ll make sure ‘the internets’ hears about it either way). It’s a first hurdle down, and they brought my first load of boxes to fill today as well, so I can start packing right away. Interestingly, if all goes as planned (and what could possibly go wrong?), I’ll be in Boulder in 4 weeks. Wow, I must’ve lost a month or two out of this year.