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This article talks about the relationship that women and cats have. But it doesn’t explain why my cat was so attracted to boxes.


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Update: This was one ugly game for the Aves. I hear that the team has some injury issues (and lost another in the second period last night). But it was a fun night, and thanks to Jackie who gave Stan and I the tickets.


The boy puts on shorts and fills the bird feeder. Weird, the people of Colorado.


So even though it’s been circulating since last week, I guess I need to make a formal announcement on the blog – Stan and I are engaged. We  have talked about such things before, but this came out of our thoughts about the logistics of a wedding. We have been planning a trip to Italy in May/June with friends for nearly a year, and though it started as a joke, the idea of getting married on the trip began to make sense. We’re already spending money on the trip, and neither of us wants to spend big bucks on a wedding, and yet Italy would be special. The ceremony will be the week of May 28th-June 6th (we’re still doing the logistics on exactly when). So that’s that plan as it stands.

For the folks who live in SD/CA, we’re going to have a party, likely in July, where everyone can wish us well. And if anyone wants to be in Italy, we’re working on arranging a larger villa in Florence, so others can come if they’d like to. Let me know, cause Margie is making the arrangements and we want to make sure we have room for everyone. And we hope to have the ceremony on You Tube, if not a live feed. Technology to the rescue!

So thank you to everyone who has wished us well. We’re very happy and keeping warm in the cold Rocky Mountains.


An article about Weird Al’s children’s book mentioned this video. Too good to pass up. Got to check out the book, too.

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Whoever wins the super bowl, art lovers will be the winners (for a short while at least).

“Carnegie Museum (in Pittsburgh) of Art is betting the latter — Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “Bathers with Crab,” painted in the 1890s. It depicts four seaside women, all naked as nymphs and one teasing and about to tickle another with a live crab.

But fear not, lovers of soft-focus, pastel-toned Impressionist works. The museum isn’t betting ownership of the painting, just a three-month loan.

If the Steelers win, Carnegie Museum will be on the receiving end of “Boating on the Yerres,” an 1877 painting by Gustave Caillebotte owned by the Milwaukee Art Museum.”


This is Christmas Dinner in 1972. I took the photo, so you don’t get to see me at 9, but that’s my dad on the left, my grandmother in the middle, and my grandfather on the right. Yes, my dad put on a tie for Christmas; not sure about my grandfather, who usually dressed up as well. As was often the case, one light in the chandelier is out. They always burned out on a different schedule. And you may not be able to see it well, but those curtains have a kind off old english town street on them. I always thought they were very odd, but if I you go back to this photo, you can see that they were replaced with an even worse (in my humble opinion) floral print (although time may have altered the photo a bit).

The other interesting note (to me) is that at this time my dad wasn’t using arms on his wheelchair. I’m not sure when he put them on for good, but I think it was fairly near this time. And of course, there’s the serious over-the-top 1970s mustache he had, but then everyone did at that time.


Nuff said.

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The weather in San Diego is supposed to be in the low 80s over the weekend – not quite tropical, but certainly warmer than many places in the US. This photo is from our trip to Tahiti last year. We had a day-long excursion to a small island (motu to those who speak the local lingo) that we refer to as BBQ island. The trip was great and I’d love to take another cruise with the Royal Clipper line in the future. Highly recommended.


Yup, that’s me in December 1965 sitting on Santa’s lap. This is from back when Santa sat in the window of the Broadway Department Store at Chula Vista mall so that everyone could watch the kids see Santa. I was 2.5 so I have no memory of what I wanted to Christmas, but knowing my dad, I’m sure I got it if it came from Sears (that’s the store he had a credit card for). And yes, I really did have blond hair as a child, for those who doubt my present hair color!

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